Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beach Bag

I know I said that June is welding month, but technically I made this over Labor Day weekend and have just gotten around to posting it. I saw this tutorial on the blog Living With Punks. Check it out here:

This bag is made from pillow covers that were on clearance from Target. I love Target and I love clearance sales even more! So I thought this would be a fun project since we were going to the pool over the weekend.

These were the only pillow covers our Target had on clearance. The were only $3 each and I needed 3 to complete the bag. 1 for the strap, 1 for the lining, and 1 for the bag itself. The cool about this sewing project is that the zipper is already sewn in for you since it was a pillow case.

I cut them into 4" strips like the directions said. They are super easy to follow so don't be intimidated if your not an expert sewer (I'm not!)

Ironing my fabric. My mom always said this is an important step- always listen to your mom she's usually right.

Sewing the straps together.Finished strap ready to be turned inside out.

Putting some detail stitching on the straps.

About to sew the straps on-

Adding some pockets to the inside lining.

Just sewed the lining in

All finished! I took this to the pool and it was great. It fit my towel, sunscreen and some other pool essentials.


Mal Pal said...

This is so practical and cute. Love the Mom comment.