Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I'm Digging Lately: Iacoli & McAllister

I've never been a big jewelry person. Maybe that is abnormal for girls but I've just never been that into it. My poor husband- while most girls would love a piece of jewelry for their birthday or Valentines I'm kind of like- Meh. Not that I don't think jewelry is a great gift or would be ungrateful if I were given some- it's just not what excites me. (Vintage furniture is more my thing :) 

Well that perspective has changes somewhat when I discovered Iacoli & McMcallister. They are a team of designers who use their knowledge and skills to create some of the coolest jewelry and furniture I've seen. 

I love the simplicity, the use of natural material, and the use of color. I like the clean lines and modern look. Just love over all. And I not so subtly hinted to The Hubs that I wanted this necklace for my last birthday:

(He got the hint..:)

They don't only make jewelry either. They make amazing furniture that has won awards and is giving me some ideas of my own.

But what originally turned me on to them was their lighting. I don't remember where I first saw it but I was in love right away. If only I could afford it...

They also have a lot of other items as well. Like this bottle opener for example:

I don't usually use bottle openers but maybe the Hubs needs one? That still might be a gift more for me than for him. I just want an excuse to buy it.

I think this pink paper weight would look nice on my desk! Now that I'm working I need my desk to look cute right?

Maybe some cute mini pedestals? For all the plants I don't have but might get soon?

I just want some more Iacoli & McCallister in my life if you can't tell.

Their website is pretty fun to poke around too. Their "about" story is interesting and they have some pictures of their studio. It's for great inspiration and makes me want to toy around with new ideas and try to be creative and original as well.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Home Kitchen Design

Recently I was asked to create a Kitchen Design for a new home build. The owners are building their final home. They were not happy with the current layout the builder had planned and wanted a designers eye to create something more functional. 

I gave them two layouts and two design options based on what they said they liked. I won't bore you with the layouts but here are the finish boards I created:

Option 1

Option 2:

Option 1 is more traditional while option 2 is a little more edgy though it has a lot of natural finishes. Both have two toned cabinets and wood floors which the home owner likes.

Trying to find a layout which worked well with the flow and feel the owners were hoping for was the main challenge of this project. 

Do you have a favorite?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Capturing Your White Whale

That's what I feel like- like I've finally tracked down and reeled in a piece of furniture I have been lusting after for years- like since college. I don't know if Captain Ahab ever caught Moby Dick- I actually have not read that monster of a book. But I can imagine his plight. Always looking, keeping his eyes peeled every moment for an opportunity to catch his prize.

That's kind of how I was about Eames Chairs. I've talked a lot about Eames furniture on the blog before. It's an obsession that started in design school and grew after interning at a Herman Miller Dealership. I loved the  modern look and all the bright colors. But what I've always wanted was a genuine vintage piece to call my own. And if you know me I also did not want to pay big bucks for it. ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Changes on the Horizon

Uncertainty in the air. 

That's what I've been dealing with lately. I have been feeling especially blessed lately with the design work I have been fortunate enough to been given. It's something I've wanted since we moved to Altus and I feel like I've finally found a little niche.

With that being said our world is about to change again soon. As you may know Hubs is in the Air Force and his commitment is ending in about a year. Instead of signing on to further our military career he wants to do extra training in Peds Hemotology, which means extra school. He has been interviewing at different hospitals that offer the fellowships in the field as the Air Force is not offering an opportunity to train for another few years.

So this means another move in about a year. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

What I've Been Watching

Ok- I know I am late to the game (like 3 seasons late) but does anyone else watch Walking Dead? OMG I am so freaked out by this show but I cannot stop watching it. Hubs and I are only about halfway through season 1 (thanks Netflix!) but I am hooked.

I am not usually freaked out by scary movies or horror films but something about this show really gets to me. I have a hard time watching it but I need to know what is going to happen to them! Do they ever figure out how to stop the zombies? How did all this happen in the first place? Wait- don't tell me! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Modern Masculine Office Loft

Hey Friends! I'm back with another design mood board- hope I'm not boring you too much with these lately. I haven't had time for much DIY with my work load suddenly picking up steam. 

I am enjoying the ride though. It's nice to be doing some design work again!

This client is a hotel broker who wanted to update his office. He spends a lot of time there and is hiring an assistant was is ready to spruce the place up a bit. It is a pretty cool office space with brick and big windows. (which you can't see well from the pics but oh well)

The only thing we can't change is the ceiling- the landlord won't allow it. But new flooring is an option as well as paint. The client also wanted to create a separation between him and his new assistant. So here are the floor plans:

Basically the plan is to give him some privacy by building a wall between the two rooms. We are also building out a cabinet and counter to make space for a fridge and coffee maker, and closing up the rear door.

The next step was looking at new furniture options. The client needed a new desk for his assistant, a couch and chair, and art work all to go with his existing desk.

Option 1:

Option 2:

We discussed wood flooring for the office but it doesn't look like it will be in the budget. So far the client has bought the chair and coffee table from Option 2 and all the art work!

We are still making some tweaks to the furniture selections but this project is moving right along. 

What do you think? Which option would you have gone with?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exterior Paint Selection for Modern Home

One of the things I love most about Interior Design is the variety of work that comes my way. Every job is a little different and my title encompasses quite a bit. And, Interior Designers don't have to only stick with the interior as far as work goes. Case in point a recent client project I was lucky to work on- choosing exterior paint colors for a new construction home in Australia. 

The wanted something with a little color and wanted to incorporate natural wood elements if possible. The roofing, garage door and gutter colors, and brick were already chosen. I gave  them a few options to choose from:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pink Bathroom Plans

I know this can be a hotly debated subject- whether to rip out a dated 40's, 50's, 60's bathroom or not. There is a whole website devoted to Saving Pink Bathrooms for goodness sake! Are we losing a part of our design history that we will one day regret? Will there be future Nicole Curtis's trying to bring these 50's bathrooms back to their former glory?

Who's to say? I for one am not sure. And I am a big proponent of keeping things in their original state in homes. But I also understand homeowner's need to make their space functional for their needs.

Case in point- my whole reason for the above musings. My friend's current pink bathroom:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Design My Valentine

Valentines is Right around the corner so when I saw this collection of architectural inspired Valentines on Houzz I had to laugh- and share it with you of course!

This one is my favorite:
Contemporary Drawings by Durham Architects & Designers Coffee with an Architect

It reminds me of my Architecture professor always talking about juxtaposition. 

This Frank Lloyd Wright one is funny too:

Contemporary Drawings by Durham Architects & Designers Coffee with an Architect

I pulled many all nighters in Design School. Unfortunately they all included school work only.
Contemporary Drawings by Durham Architects & Designers Coffee with an Architect

See the full collection on Here on Houzz  and have a Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Master Bath Reno Design

If you have been a reader of this blog for the last year of so you have probably read about my bemoaning of missing design and working in general. 

Well I don't know what is going on but free lance design work has been coming my way lately! I don't know what I did or why but I am so grateful and feeling especially blessed right now. I am enjoying this ride because I don't know how long it will last.

My most recent project completion was a master bath redesign. The couple wanted a change but nothing too out there as they are planning on selling in a few years. They also wanted to keep the new sink faucets they had installed. The client showed me some inspiration images of spaces she liked and we went from there!