Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sewing- Not just for my Mom

I'm in the process of sewing a shirt Con-Man's Birthday (pics to come!) and it got me thinking about sewing in general. My mom always sewed. She made Christmas dresses for us, Halloween Costumes, curtains and bedding for our rooms. She always told me how when she was in high school she would make her own clothes! When I was younger she tried to instill this skill in me. Every summer she would take us to the fabric store and have us choose a pattern and fabric for a summer project. 

I remember how boring I thought it was! I wanted to be outside playing, or watching TV. To me at that age sewing was for old people. Still my mom persevered, bought me my own sewing machine, and I did learn the basics.

It wasn't until college when I started my Interior Design degree I realized how useful and cool sewing could be. I started to take an interest again; making cheap curtains out of sheets for my apartment. Taking a thrift store prom dress and making silk pillows for my bed, purses out of T-shirts, ect. But I never did it continuously and always had to call my mom to remind me how my sewing machine worked.

These days ever since Con-Man was born; I've taken up sewing again

My mom  helped me make the crib bumper for his bed (she saved me a ton of money over buying something ready made from the store). I made the pillow and blanket.


This is a pic of the blanket with the Craigslist dresser I re-did for Con-Man's changing table.


We also made the curtains and pillow for the rocker.

Con-Man in the Pumpkin Costume I made him for Halloween!


I've also been having fun making him little clothes. Only problem is that he doesn't wear them long. It's hard to find tutorials on sewing things for boys. Most of the cute stuff is for girls!

So while I'm getting better I still have to call my mom sometimes for advice and always have trouble remembering how to thread my bobbin. And tonight my thread kept breaking, and I always somehow end up sewing the front and back of my fabric together no matter how careful I am. Why do I put myself through this pain and anguish!? 

I guess its for that sense of accomplishment. The moment when someone asks you "Did you make that?" and you can proudly say "Yes!" I'm having fun relearning a skill and trying to learn new techniques. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though you haven't done something in a while doesn't mean you can't try it again! And maybe one day when Con is older he'll think it's cool his mom made things for him. And who knows, maybe some of my creativity will rub off on him.

Who or what inspired your creativity? Has anyone else let something fall by the wayside that they might want to work at again?


Mal Pal said...

Sewing has been a huge part of my life. And I owe it all to my mom too. I leaned to sew when I wanted clothes for my Barbie Doll. They were so expensive when I was younger that it was easier to make your own. At 8 yrs I was making my own Barbie clothes and by High School my own clothes. Thanks for the memories.