Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Since I've been training for my upcoming marathon I've been doing a lot of running. I mean A LOT of running! To help pass the time during my long runs I've been doing a little bit of Instagraming while I'm out and about. Most of my long runs have been through the fields of Altus.

Here are a few shots from my recent treks:

During some of my early jogs it's just me and these flocks of geese enjoying the sunrise. 

We live out in the middle of no where so as my mileage has gotten longer I've been running out in the fields near our home. Not much growing right now.

I accidentally spooked some cows during a recent run:

We live near the Air Force Base so I often run by this large American Flag. The sun was shining just right on it this day. And when people say that the wind goes rolling down the plains in Oklahoma they are not kidding. The wind was close to 30 mph this day!

And this past weekend a farm dog ran with me for a few miles. I was grateful for the company.

Since my runs have taken me further from home I've had to think safety more. My four legged friend above may not have been friendly. Here are a few tips for running safely while; especially while alone:

1. Make sure you've told somewhat what your route is so they know where to look for you if need be.

2. Wear Bright reflective clothing especially during the dawn and dusk hours.

3. If possible do not run alone.

4. If your wearing earphones don't have the volume so high that you can't hear anything around you.

5. Alter your routes

6. Run against the traffic; this way you can see the driver even if they do not notice you.

7. Carry mace. I've started doing this ever since one of my friends told me about a time she was harassed by a truck load of men when she was out running along the route where I go. She ran up to a farm house and waited them out but it could have been much worse. Just because you're not running in a big city or during the day doesn't necessarily mean you're completely safe!

I also want to say I am incredible grateful for my wonderful husband who has been really understanding while I go out and run for hours and hours on the weekends and watches the kiddos. Thanks Babe!

This weekend we're going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!! So my 14 miler will be quite different.


The Nest Chapter said...

Hi, I just found your blog through the Homies on Apartment Therapy. Good luck! :)

Your projects look great, I'm glad to find another fun diy blog. Good luck on your run in New Orleans, too!

Courtney said...

I enjoy seeing the pics of the country side where you actually reminds me of where I live even though we are on opposite sides of the world!!
Have a blast at mardis gras!!

Never Listless Laura said...

Good advice!
Love your photos!