Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work It!

The weekends are usually when I get a long run in, but this past weekend I spent most of my time painting and didn't get a chance to. But I figured I got a pretty good workout anyway with all the bending and stretching painting involves. DIY'ing is a lot of work!

I've seen lists on how many calories you burn vaccuming and dusting, but I wanted to know exactly how good of a work out I got painting. I did a little research and came across this website: There is a list giving calories burned for many activities including painting!

So according to the list Painting walls for 1 hour: 266 calories burned! Wow!

I started to wonder about other DIY activites and how they affect calorie counts. Here's a run down:

Welding: 207 calories

General Carpentry: 207 calories

Electrical Work/Plumbing: 207 calories

Tailoring/ General (like sewing I guess!) 147 calories

So what are you waiting for! Go DIY it up and Burn Baby Burn!