Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

I am not one who enjoys cold weather- give me sunshine and 90 degrees and I'm happy. So with all this cold Texas weather we've been having I've been reluctant to go outside; running, hanging out on the deck, walking our dog, working on any projects that involve me going outside ect. This includes welding and most of the work I do with my Dremel. :(

What can I say I'm like a bear in hibernation.

So since I've been stuck indoors I've been looking around the house quiet a bit and have noticed a few things I need to add to my "To Do List"

First Off- I've neglected our Master Bedroom for some time now. It still have the original paint the whole house had:

It's a neutral color but pretty dark, especially since it's on the ceiling as well. I lighter color would look better. And I might do some work on the fan and try to update it a bit instead of buying a new fixture.

I also want to do some work with the small closet; add some shelving and make it more functional. People in the 1930's must have not had many clothes... See my post on our 1930's Home- a Love Hate Relationship for more on this.

Second is our sunroom. It's needs some paint too. It's that same dark color, not to sunny.

Maybe bring in some color? Some more fun?

And last but not least finish up our dining room. I need to find a new fixture and think about the console and table.

Hopefully adding things to my "To Do List" will motivate me to get more stuff done! 

How about you? Anything in your list to accomplish this year?


Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

I love your To Do list post, I might have to do that! My bedroom is on my to do list (paint, headboard, new (to me) nightstand, new comforter) and then our planning desk area (beadboard and paint). Thanks for the idea, and I can't wait to see what you end up doing!

Anonymous said...

any of those would be great projects to undertake - all your spaces are roomy & spacious. I'm sure you could make anything happen! And yes, I've got a bunch of little things on my list. I'm notorious for skipping over the difficult ones to work on the fun things, so I'll have to try to stay focused on outcomes!