Monday, July 30, 2012

Awesome Olympic Style

The Summer Olympics are officially here! All our waiting has finally paid off. Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies on Friday?

I thought the 5 Rings all lit up was pretty cool. And what did you think of the Queen "parachuting" into the stadium?

British Style has been all the rage over the last few months with everyone gearing up for the games; and it's probably not going anywhere for a while. So in commemoration of the 2012 Games heres a round up of all things Olympic Inspired in Design.

First up, I know we've all seen these Union Jack furniture pieces floating around the internet. 

I love this Olympic inspired print, what a great way to commemorate the 2012 Events!

I love it when a company goes the extra mile to do something environmentally friendly, and I love it even more when that effort produces a better result than the usual way of doing things.

Example- You've probably heard about how Nike went Green in Designing the Uniforms for Olympic Teams. The uniforms for the Track Team are made from 13 recycled water bottles. They claim that the new technology could shave off valuable seconds for the runners. And the Team USA Basketball uniforms are made from 22 recycled water bottles. How cool is that?!

Nike also went for the Green with the design of the shoes the sprinters will wear. The feather light shoes are like a second skin and are produced with a waste reducing process- Yay Mother Earth!

Speaking of uniforms what were your thoughts on the outfits the Olympians wore for the Opening Ceremonies? They were made by Ralph Lauren. Some people loved them some not so much. There was also controversy over that fact that they were made in China and not the United States...

Personally I think they are nice but a little frou frou for our athletes. I liked Great Britain's uniforms better. But hey; at least I got a chuckle out of seeing tough guy Kobe Bryant in a beret!

Since I know I won't be bringing home any Olympic Gold doesn't mean I can't have it around the house. Gold is making a big comeback in decor. Here are a few ways to bring it into your home.

What's says Olympic Gold than a Greek Key lamp? 

Mix two of summer's most popular styles; gold and ocean themed decor with this gold coral candlestick.

These circular gold mirrors say Olympic Gold to me!!

Have you been watching the Olympics? What have been your favorite events so far?


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

The five rings was definitely the coolest part!

My little sister has joined the Union Jack craze and bought a bikini with the flag on it. There were British people at the beach that told her they found it offensive!

Courtney said...

Wasn't the opening ceremony awesome?! We've been watching as much as we can, LOVE the olympics!!
I was unsure on the U.S uniform - I didn't get the berets - but least they had a little something! Our Aussies uniform was a tad boring!!