Friday, March 26, 2010

First Post Ever!

Hello! My name is Rachelle Falcon. I am young, married, a new mom, an Interior Designer, runner, the list goes on.

I've decided to join the blog world (a little late maybe but better late than never!) to get some creativity back into my life. Before I had my son; sweet little Con-man, I used to make all kinds of stuff- furniture, paint, sew, wood work - you name it I've tried it. My favorite thing to do was to go to antique shops, garage sales, or even pick things up off the street in an attempt to find things I could bring new life to.

I would see a dilapidated old table or chair (preferably on sale or free!) and think of how I could make it usable again. Or I might see something on TV or in a magazine and try to figure out how I could make it on my own. I loved trying new techniques and skills, but after I got married, started working, and especially after having a child that creative part of me has faded away.

So I thought I needed a project, a cause you might say to get my creative juices flowing again. This blog will be about me trying new things, finding inspiration all around me, and having some fun along the way. Hopefully I will inspire you to start making your own creations as well.

I hope you enjoy!