Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Retail/ Workspace Floor Plan

Hey Friends! I've been slowly but surely working on my design for my Design Retail Workspace. I've been doing some space planning and brainstorming and this is what I've come up with so far:

My original concept was for a group of artisans (Not necessarily Etsy sellers but they could be) to be able to come together, have a place to work on their projects and designs. They could be a team of designers or just individuals who need a space to work on and create their designs. Then be able to showcase and sell their work to the public in the retail area in front as well as have the opportunity to sell online. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Hometalk Curated Board!

Hey Friends!! Today I'm to sharing some exciting news with you! The folks over at Hometalk recently contacted me to curate an inspiration board full of DIY Wine Rack Ideas. Here's just a little taste of what I came up with. Check it out!

I am always amazed by the creativity and ingenious of others. There are some really inspiring projects out there.

Head over to my Hometalk profile to see the rest!

If you're unfamiliar with Hometalk it's kind of like Pinterest in that you can pin and create boards of projects and ideas to save for later. But Hometalk takes this a step further and allows you communicate with others on the site to discuss and swap ideas! 

So while you're over checking out some wine rack inspiration you can sign up for a profile of your own and join in the fun!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Etsy Retail Space Design

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We have been keeping busy with Con-Man and Sawyer's Birthday party this past weekend (pics to come soon). My MIL is also still in town so we are showing her around fabulous Altus this week.

In the meantime, to follow up on my last post about missing design work- I started a little project. This is completely just for fun, a client that I dreamed up (my dream client who lets me design what I want and has an unlimted budget!).

This client is a group of Etsy Retailers who have come together to create an office/ workspace where they can keep track of the business side of their shop and work on their designs as well. There will also a retail space where they can sell their individual designs to customers off the street.

First up is a basic concept board. These are just my preliminary thoughts of what the space might look like and what may go in it- no where near a finished board. I wanted to get my first ideas down on paper so I could remember them later.

And here is the floor plan of the space I will be designing. You can see the existing bathrooms in the back of the space. The left wall is all glass, the main entry is at the bottom.

And here is my plan on dividing the space into public (retail) and private (office/ work) areas.

So that is my starting point, next up is schematic design where I'll plan out the office and retail layout. Yay Space Planning!! (My favorite!!)

Have a great week everyone.

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Super Birthday Party Plan

Thank you to everyone who sent words of encourgement over the weekend in response to my last post. I hated to be a Debbie Downer but it was something that had been weighing on my mind for sometime and it felt good to let it all out.

Today I have something much lighter in store. Con-Man's 4th Birthday is coming up! This year he is really getting into Super Heros. He still likes cars but Superman and Power Rangers are taking hold pretty quickly.

So for his birthday we are doing a Super Hero Theme. I used this background for the invitations:

Con requested a moon bounce for his party, and because it's been well over 100 degrees here we are having the party at the AFB community center. I didn't want a bunch of kids passing out in my backyard- so indoors we go! 

Other than that it's going to be pretty simple. I'm going to attempt to make him a Power Rangers cake:

And just for fun I'm making some kid size cardboard cutouts of the Red and Pink Ranger the kids can take their picture with:

Sawyer's first birthday is this week also. We're combining his birthday with Con's (poor guy ;) I'm making them both birthday shirts and Sawyer will have his own special little cake to eat and smash up.

Other than that it's pretty low key- friends and family having fun. I'll be sure to share pictures next week.

Have a great week!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Deep Thoughts~

Hey Friends! Long time no see. Just a warning this is going to be a wordy contemplative post. I don't usually go into things like this on the blog but here it goes... My abscence the past few weeks has been because of 2 things- 

1. It's summer time and we have been out and about at the pool, bowling, horse back riding lessons and other summer activities.

2. I've been in a total funk.