Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vintage Book Letters

Hey All! Is everyone gearing up for Christmas? We are but aren't. I'm so ready for the holiday but I still have shopping to do! Ack!!

In the meantime instead of getting things done around the house... I've been trying to get some items into the shop for last minute Christmas shoppers. You have most likely seen these before:

Similar ones were sold at Anthropologie and other specialty stores this season. They are super cool but were super expensive (to me at least). I knew it was a project I could tackle myself. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Photo Time!

It's that time of year! When I am anxiously awaiting our Christmas cards to come in so I can address them and send them out. In the meantime here are some of the photos we took of the kiddos.


I am very proud to say that I took these photos myself! (With much advice from my friend who is a photography expert)

I had grand plans of taking some of the Hubs and I but it didn't happen- time was of the essence (and I couldn't figure out how to work the timer on my camera)

Now come on orange envelope!! Show up on my doorstep!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

MCM Chair Rescue

Hey Blog Friends! I have a fun makeover to share today but wanted to talk a little bit about what has been going on over here lately. My lack of blogging has to do with the fact that I have been fortunate enough to pick up some design work recently- Yay!! 

Unfortunately the kind of work I have is not "pretty" as in I don't have any fun pictures to share. I was lucky enough to win a bid to help with a master suite/ kitchen addition to a home in Texas. So it's all construction document/ CAD work for now. We're just at the beginning stages of the design- maybe towards the end I may have some more to share and maybe when the project is complete the owners and architect will let me share some pics with you all. But that is why the ole blog has been quiet lately.

Now- onward to chair makeover madness!

Remember me asking about these chairs last week? 

A little bit about them: A friend was getting rid of them because the seats were missing. For most people- yes I can understand tossing the chairs. But for me new seats are an easy fix! 

I loved the back and the frames were in great shape. And thank you for the comments on what to do with them. If I were keeping them for myself I would have definitely kept the wood as is. But because I'm putting them in the shop and because the wood was chipped and needed fixing in some places- matching the stain would have been tough. So in the end I painted them white.

And went away from the traditional fabric (as many of you suggested) and choose a more structured pattern:

To fix the seats I used some scrap plywood and made a template:

Which I cut and out and upholstered. Then was all finished!

Chair Christmas Tree Cat Action

I love the detailing on the back and legs- simple but still interesting. 

I'm so glad I was able to rescue these chairs from the garbage! I think they turned out awesome.

And another quickie- I had found some old window frames being tossed out the other day. One I painted red (and already sold) but was able to snap a picture of this one:

These are a quick fix if you happen upon some in your town. Just cut out some hardboard, paint with chalkboard paint, wood glue and staple into place and Voila! New chalkboard. :) 

If your curious I have a Facebook Page promoting my shop. Check it out if you want at

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Antique Princess Bed Makeover

So right now it's snowing outside. Which some people probably love but being a southern girl growing up in warm weather this is no fun to me! But given that my birthday is 2 days away it will be cool to have a white birthday- you know since my birthday is in December and all. 

Anyway- today I wanted share with you a bed makeover I recently completed. I found the bed at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago. 

I loved it so much I really wanted to keep it for myself  (like a lot of my recent finds) but I don't need a bed frame and its kind of girly as my world is full of boys. And once again I was having an internal struggle as to paint or not to paint. The wood was gorgeous but was marred needed fixing in several places.

I went the paint route as this bed is going in the shop. Where we live painted furniture is all the rage so I kind of go along with it. After fixing all the problems the bed had (including screwing the top of the headboard back on and adding new decorative moldings) I sanded and began painting it with my homemade chalk paint.

After some distressing I finally got my hands on some furniture wax (MInwax Brand) and gave it a few coats. I love how it made the surface feels smooth and glass like!

I found myself wishing I had a little girl or space for this bed once it was finished but oh well! Can't keep them all I guess. Hopefully a little girl will have a new Princess Bed for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Opinion Por Vor Vour??

So a few weeks ago I scored these awesome Mid Century Chairs for free! Jeah!!! (Anyone else watched that show- totally guilty pleasure)

I love the back of them- something I would love to have in my own home. You know, if I didn't already have an over abundance of chairs and a booth in a furniture shop to keep full. They are missing the seats but that's an easy fix.

Anyway- my problem is this:

I'm not sure how to revamp them? My first thought was go bold! I have some bronze Modern Masters Paint I think would look really cool with these. But I didn't want them to be too crazy since I am reselling them. So I have some extra fabric on hand I thought would go well with the bronze:

But... is the fabric to traditional for the chairs? I like mixing it up but I'm afraid this might be a bad mix up.

Would the chairs be better with a simpler more modern fabric pattern? Should I still go for a metallic frame? I LURVE these chairs and don't want to screw them up. I find it hard to choose a design path when I don't know my end client.

Should I just go with my gut and do something I would like (Not necessarily the option above...)

Any advice is much appreciated!

And in closing- a picture of a cute baby :)

Stay warm everyone!!