Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Purse Tutorial

I hope everyone is leaving comments on the purse giveaway post! You could win this adorable purse made with Duralee Fabric!

But if you don't happen to be the lucky winner never fear! I'll show you how to make your own. I'll show some of the highlights but I followed this tutorial from Craft Apple. It was super easy to understand and well detailed. And don't be alarmed if the pictrures I'm going to show here are different from the purse shown above, this was my practice one.

I started by measuring my fabric. I wanted the purse to be 9" x 12", so I cut my squares 10" x 13" so I could do a 1/2" inseam all around. In the Craft Apple tutorial she used one large piece of fabric and sewed up the edges to create a pocket to make the purse. The fabric I used was a sample piece, not large enough to fold in half so I had to cut 2 rectangles then sew them together.

All my pieces ready to be sewn. But first I ironed on some stablizer. The fabric I used is meant for curtains, so it was somewhat flimsy. The stablizer really helps the purse hold it's shape.

Satin Lining and Stablizer!

I began by making the straps. I folded the edges in 1/4" then folded the whole piece in half. I ironed it to it would hold the shape better. (I could never be a professional seamstress, to much ironing involved- and I don't like ironing!.) Then I sewed the strap closed.

Sewing the large rectangles together, right sides together, to make the purse.

Next up, boxing corners. I hadn't done this before but following the tutorial on Craft Apple, it was pretty easy. Here are the highlights:

Ironing the seams open.

Next measuring 1.5" down to make a triangle at each of the bottom corners of the bag. Then I drew a line to mark where I would sew across. I double stiched this seam to make it sturdy.

Example of the pen mark I am about to sew. After I sewed across this line I cut the corners off, the tutorial says to keep them to make a stablizer for the bottom.

Follow the same steps for the lining. Then sew your straps to the wrong side of the lining, from 1.5" in from the midseam. Next pin the lining to the inside of the exterior bag, right sides facing each other. Make sure the straps are hanging inside the purse. Then sew all the way around, starting at one strap and ending at the middle of the fourth. Don't sew it closed yet. Carefully turn the purse right side out.

Finally edge stitch along the top of the purse to finish is off. Then you're done!

Don't forget to enter the purse giveaway to win the purse pictured above, and please go to DIY Club Inc to vote for my VIntage Chair Rescue! It's #33!


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