Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anthropologie Workspace

Woo hoo! 200 followers! Thanks guys, I'm so excited! 

For a follow up to my wonderings about who these people at Anthropologie are I did a little detective work. I'm not going apply for a job here or anything- I'm just curious about who is behind all this creativity. It seems that (and I could be wrong) that each store has their own designer that comes up with the displays. Their main head quarters is in Pennsylvania at an old Navy ship yard that was converted for their use.

Check out this article that tells all about the headquarters for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People. With such a cool workspace no wonder they have such amazing merchandise! See some of the pics below:

Having a meeting

Styling it up!

What an awesome space to work in! Check out those columns, can I live here?

I love how it is so open and bright.

Merchandising? Look how they are reusing that concrete structure- how resourceful.

And check out this article from the architects who designed the space. They talk all about the history of the building and have lots of floor plans. They also talk about how they saved and refurbished most of the original elements of the building. Love this!

I thought it was pretty cool to see where all the beautiful clothes and furniture come from.  What do you think?


Moe said...

I know, isn't it just so cool? Thats part of why I want to work there :)

Great post!