Friday, April 1, 2011

Bathroom Design

Thank you all so much for the encouraging words about our master bath. I thought I'd share what our plans were going to be for the bathroom if we had been able to renovate it.  

Here is what the layout of our house was:

You can see the kitchen in the center with the original layout; the one counter with the stove and fridge on the opposite side with a door leading into our bedroom. The master bath is attached to our bedroom. The bathroom and the sunroom were a remodel done sometime in the 70's. The kitchen has a window looking into the sunroom and you can also see the stairs in the sunroom that lead up to the loft.

The highlighted area is the space I thought we would expand into the loft to give us more space in the bathroom:

Here is what the space under the stairs looks like in real life:

So here is the new layout in plan:

You can see that in the kitchen we closed off the door to our bedroom and ran cabinets all the way around the space. Notice the bathroom expanded into the sunroom. I had thought we could use the area under the stairs for a closet.

I would have left the large windows and frosted them so the bathroom would be light and bright. The toilet is partially hidden from view behind the sink cabinet for privacy.

I thought the sink area could look something like this:

I really miss having a double sink! I love the contrast of the dark wood with the white counter. Frameless mirrors are awesome! I wouldn't have done the glass sink bowls, I like under mount sinks better. Love the glass tile on the wall!

For the shower I thought frameless glass would be nice:

And some kind of tall storage like this in the same dark wood near the counter would have been great for all our towels and toiletries:

It was going to be awesome! It was going to be fabulous! It wasn't going to be yellow with brown flowers!

In the end we renovated the kitchen first and are thankful we did. Since we're moving the bathroom dream did not come true. I'm hoping people looking to buy our house can see how cool and functional the house can be with just a little imagination.

Where do you go for inspiration on for your home? What sort of dreams do you have for your homes future?


Gillian Layne said...

I love your inspiration pics. :)

I enjoy reading Country home magazine, and Better hOmes and gardens, but my favorite inspiration always comes from home bloggers. Such a sweet group of people.

Donnie said...

I'm afraid things will remain the same here but hubby & sons are going to enclose our deck which will give an extra 200 sq ft raising my total to 500 sq ft...Yay! Small spaces are cozy

Amanda Lee said...

I love your plans for the master bath -- really well thought out! So sorry you won't be able to see them through. It seems we never have time to do everything we hope to, but we do what we can, and the next person can pick up where we leave off, right?

Jade Creative said...

Thank you for stopping by. Your plans for the bathroom reno would have been fantastic. Maybe the next owners could hire you to see the reno through. Just a suggestion for your bathroom. Since it will probably get some sort of redo with the next owner, you could paint all the tile a shade of white. Luckily the sink and toilet are white. This way it would show as somewhat updated.
Have a wonderful day!


Great plans for the master bathroom, you're very talented, maybe the next owners might want to hire you to do it?! Great ideas, sometimes I just open up one of my sweet bloggers and find just what I need! Thanks for sharing.

emilysnan said...

hiya rachelle , great photos and inspiration , was just looking around your blog and that little doggie book shelf is adorable ,tfs am visiting from amaze me monday and your newest follower , hope you pop by mine and follow me too

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