Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Furniture Designers I Love

It's no secret I love furniture, especially Mid-Century Design. The clean lined, forward thinking designs of the mid-century era still resonate with people today as evidenced with it's popularity today.

Perhaps my favorite designers are the Eames- Charles and Ray. 

An American husband and wife design team most famously known for their furniture designs but were also great architects, industrial designers, and film makers. Their view that stylish furniture should be affordable for all gave them great success in the post war era. Everyone wanted to work for the Eames because they believed design should be fun and playful- an idea they expected from their employees as well.

Oh Eames Lounger; how I covet thee.

One day I will have an Eames chair, be it a vintage or new one. I will have one!! Once I save up the money.... You can buy their pieces new from a Herman Miller Dealer or from places like Design Within Reach.

Another awesome designer is Charles Pollack. 

Though he gained his fame from the Sling Chair he developed for Knoll;

He is most famously known for his Pollack Office Chair. Designed with comfort and style in mind the chair is still a best seller today.

He has recently come out of retirement with a lounge chair line he designed for Bernhardt; the CP.1. Awesomeness!

Another designer I want to mention is Florence Knoll. In a field dominated by men she designed and produced some of the most well know pieces of the mid-century. 

She trained as an architect and is known as a champion of planning and "total design". She and her husband formed Knoll Associates and encouraged other designers to develop their own modern designs. She developed new ways of planning that are still used today.

Couldn't you see this in a home today!?

There are a million others I could name but I'll just leave you with 3 for now. 

I'm not sure when my love for clean modern design began but it culminated in college during Interior Design School where we learned about all the modern masters. And also at an internship I did at a Herman Miller dealer where I was exposed to the classic furniture on a daily basis.

Today I like trying to mix old and new together in our home. Slowly but surely it will come together. Maybe I'll even have my own Eames Chair one day!!


Courtney said...

Im with you Rachelle...coveting an eames chair!!

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Hena Tayeb said...

wow... so rich in content and information. I never really think about the designers when appreciating furniture.. gorgeous chairs. I love the second picture.