Monday, December 10, 2012

Rustic Shabby Chic Design

Today I've got a little eye candy for you. I was hoping to have a cool bathroom design to show but unfortunately because of our busy holiday schedules my friend and I couldn't get together to look at her bathroom the other weekend. -Insert sad face here- I'm bummed out, hopefully we'll get together soon.

In the meantime another friend of mine is moving to a new house soon and wanted some ideas for decorating her living room. She said her style is Rustic Shabby Chic.

To some, these style may be interchangeable. But there is a difference. For instance this room would be considered Shabby Chic to me:

While this room is more Rustic:

To me, Rustic Shabby Chic means some gently worn feeling furniture, vintage pieces, some wood, maybe leather, with an overall lightness and brightness; kind of an eclectic look. Sort of hard to describe. So I took to the internet for some inspiration images of what that style might look like and here's what I found:

Now that I have some ideas and inspiration I'll start working on a layout and furniture choices for my friends room.

What are your thoughts on Rustic Shabby Chic? 


Organized Island said...

I love the idea of rusty shabby chic! Kind of like a compromise of feminine and rugged. I love the pics you posted and look forward to the transformation!

Susan Payton said...

Well it is so good to find another blog that is not deserted. Not that I should talk I deserted mine for a long time. But I came back now and made a nice holiday page of coupon offers, and will make a page every month, and will be visiting around blogger throughout the month. The ornaments for your block party are awesome. Thanks for letting me visit.


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