Monday, January 7, 2013

My First Ever Furniture Auction!

I don't know what most of you did on New Years Day but I spent most of my time at my first furniture auction!! Yes, even in our tiny town of Altus, OK there is an auction house. This particular one has auctions every month; but New Years Day is their biggest. People come from all over the place (Texas, Arizona, ect.) to check it out.

A friend of mine buys and refinishes furniture for a living so she goes to these auctions all the time. She let me tag along and showed me the ropes. We got to go the day before and have a preview of everything- beds, tools, chairs, benches, old farm equipment, ect. Even a giant super old wooden wagon!

You name it they had it. We also got our bidder number early so we wouldn't have to fight the crowds the day of.

That day I was nervous/ excited. It was exciting to see everyone bid  and outbid each other on the different items but I was nervous about bidding on anything myself. I was mainly going to look and experience an auction. But I did see one big item I would have spent some money on:

This Kick A industrial cart!! Sdaly it was not in the auction, the owners use it to move the furniture in and out (unlike me who would like to use it as an industrial coffee table!) I was not the only one who had my eye on it- I heard several other bidders saying they wished the cart was up for bid. 

So did I buy anything at my first auction with all the goodies to be had? Well yes I did! I bought a stool!

You may be thinking "What the Hey? Thats one ugly stool why would you buy that?" And I'm sure everyone at the auction was thinking the same thing. The bidding started at $10, I was like seriously for that?! So no one bid on it. So they lowered the bidding to $5 and I nervous excitedly raised my bid card. The auctioneer said going once, twice - no one else bid- sold! The stool was mine!

OK- don't worry. I haven't completely lost my mind buying a funky $5 stool. I have big plans for this little guy. Stay tuned to find out what they are!


the cape on the corner said...

yay for you! we have one that we've gone to, it's held weekly, but i don't think you get a day to preview, that's pretty lucky. how long did you stay? i always end up liking something that is HOURS away from being auctioned off. ugh.