Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bold Kitchen Design

Hello! Hello?? Anyone still out there?? 

My apologies for my long absence. I've been working on lots of design projects and have not had time for blogging at all. Lately work has slowed a little so I have some time to blog again!

Unfortunately a lot of the projects I have been taking on are not what you would call "blog worthy". Mainly space planning and floor plan redesign- CAD work and construction documents. It's what I like to do but doesn't make for a fun blog post. And some of the freelance work I've been receiving is assisting other designers with their work (finish and furniture selection, bathroom redesigns, ect!). So I haven't felt comfortable sharing that on my personal blog.

But- a while back I helped a couple who are finishing out a their shop space into a second family "hangout area". Their children are older and the couple wanted them to have a place to hang out with their friends. The building will also have a guest bedroom, office space, kitchen and theater. Pretty cool!

The layout is pretty basic but the kicker was that the couple wanted to use red stained cabinets from Ikea. They loved bright colors and wanted a fun space since this is a extra relaxing area not their formal home.

In the first scheme I went with a neutral wood floor, bright blue accent wall, antique tin ceiling look backslash, bright red pendants and other fun lighting.

The second scheme I went a little different with grey flooring, another bold paint color and other fun accents:

Pretty fun I think! Different from what you might expect in a kitchen.

Another area they wanted help with was a bathroom in the shop. They wanted to use a blue bathroom cabinet they had seen and fallen in love with so I centered the bathroom around that. Again they wanted a totally different color scheme and feel for this room.

And Option 2 with a different sink cabinet:

This couple wanted different bold paint colors throughout the space- which is a fun change from the norm. What do you think? Do you like a colorful home or is neutral throughout more your taste?


Feral Turtle said...

Love it all! They are lucky to have you. I wonder if they want to adopt me....hehe I decided to go with the styrofoam ceiling tiles again but this time I found a Canadian supplier, although Armstrong had some pretty nice products. Decided to take the easy way out and stick with the familiar! Cheers.

the cape on the corner said...

my goodness, you sound busy. and busy pays the bills, right? I like that second kitchen-did they choose one yet? let us know what they go with.