Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspiration Everywhere

This weekend the fam and I  took a road trip to Austin. I won't bore you with all the details but I do want to tell you about this great resturaunt we ate it on S. Congress. If you happen to go to Austin you should stop at Snack Bar

The hubs and I both had hamburgers and Con-Man had yummy Mac N Cheese. Not only is the food delicious; it's all organic, local, natural awesomeness, the atmosphere is Mid Century Modern cool!

(Images are from Apartment Therapy)

Check out the great colors, those retro stools- love it!

And I love the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

These lights are so cool, and that utensil clock is so unique.

The exterior is great, you can even bring your dog and sit on the porch.

These lights are my favorite though. I spied them as we were leaving... I smell a DIY coming up in the future!

How about you? Where have you found inspiration in your everyday journeys?


Lori said...

There is a store I have been going to since 1987 called Cracker Jax. It is located in downtown DeKalb, IL where I grew up. The owner, Lauren, artfully arranges her unique products so that each display looks like a work of art. The store is a funky, vintage, antique, steampunk, repurpose heaven.

elyse said...

i love spending time in places that bring on so much inspiration. Just looking at these pictures, I've come up with so many ideas for projects that i'll never get around to. haha! keep creating!