Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Products

I'm done with Con-Man's Costume but I haven't been able to take pictures of him in it. So I'll post those soon but in the meantime here's a little eye candy for you. 

I was reading the latest Interior Design Magazine and they shared some of their favorite new products and I thought I'd share some of them with you!

I love this chair by Boex 3D Creative Solutions. The seat and back are made of willow branches and the frame is made of oak. It looks like it would be nice to sit and rock in on a patio or sunny room.

This light fixture by Bureau Pure'. It's called Wrapped Glass and is made of laboratory beakers. It reminds me of the light fixtures I posted about a few weeks ago. Isn't it cool?

And check out this wall covering that lights up! It's by Camilla Diedric and has lots of nature inspired images and colors. If you don't want a lighted wall it does come in paper that doesn't require a light source.

And in the interest of being Green, check out these clay tiles from Tegular that have solar panels built in. How cool is that? You can get your roof and solar all in one.

And I love anything by Ann Sacks. These tiles are made of Obsidian and I love them in the herringbone pattern.

And finally I thought these drawer knobs from Top Knobs were cool. They're made of crystal with brushed satin mounts and I think they're gorgeous!!

Hope you all have a great Halloween Weekend!