Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Costume for Con-Man

Halloween is here! I couldn't be more excited about dressing up little Con-Man in a Halloween Costume. I had a hard time deciding what he could be. He's a little young to be into characters on TV so I did a little searching. I loved the costumes the Pottery Barn Kids had this year.

My favorite one is the Dalmatian!! So cute!

As usual though I wasn't loving the price. It seemed like a simple enough design and I thought I could tackle it myself. I bought some black and white fleece at the fabric store, 1/2 yard of each, and some white yarn for the stitching around the spots. 

Since I didn't have a pattern to go by I traced some of his clothes to get an approximate size. I added an inch around the whole shirt to leave room for the hem. I made 2 of these pieces.

For the bottom I added about 8" to add some extra length.

I did this because the Pottery Barn costume was fluffy and fat at the bottom. After I cut out both pieces I sewed them together leaving the bottom open. I them folded the bottom in on itself and stuffed it pillow stuffing to get the fluffy look, then sewed it closed.

To make the spots I just traced a few different size cups, cut them out and used fusible webbing to iron them on.

To finish it off I hand stitched the white yard around the spots and added a red collar. Overall pretty simple and a lot less expensive than the one in the store and way cute.

I had made some ears for him as well but he absolutely refused to wear them longer than 2 seconds.

Have a Happy Halloween!!