Monday, April 18, 2011

Chair a Holic

Hi My name is Rachelle and I am a Chair A Holic.

Ever since we got the news that we are moving I've been trying to clear our clutter and decide what furniture we'll take with us to the new house and what we might try to sell. And something I've discovered is that I have quite a few chairs. 

Cafe Chairs (I have 2 of these!)

I don't know what it is but I LOVE chairs! All kinds of chairs, small chairs, big chairs, lounge chairs, dining chairs, side chairs, ect. I may be in danger of becoming one of those people on that hoarders show.

I know a lot of people have collections but chairs are kind of a big thing to collect.

Famous chairs I'd love to get my hands on:

So what to keep and what to get rid of? I think that once we find a new house in Altus I'll have a better idea. Until then I'm going to enjoy my chairs, all 25 million of them!

Do you have a favorite furniture or decorative accessory you can't get enough of?


Anonymous said...

we hoard seashells. Have plenty of chairs too, but they're not in boxes like the seashells. Keep the chairs, they're all wonderful. Especially those mid century accent chairs. So gorgeous!

Monica said...

Oh My Gosh! I have the same problem with chairs! In fact I have the same antique chair (2 adult size and 2 kid sized). I have a very tiny house so there is never any room for them but I keep buying them! At least we have plenty of seating when we have company! Oh, and I love footstools! I have a ton of those too!

Reanaclaire said...

hello..coming by to greet you good Sunday.. via Ell's blog.. said...

Oh I love a great accent chair and have to really hold myself back from buying more! They're just so budget friendly and make a huge impact on a room. Once you buy them they're hard to let go of, aren't they?
Suzy xxx

Mally said...

I love chairs too. I say take them all. You never know where you can use them in your new house.

Roeshel said...

Yep, chairs are one of those addictions I suffer from too. Right there along with footstool/benches and glass jars! haha!


Cate @ The Blonde Diaries said...

I've been hording eBooks lately for my Kindle. Thank goodness it is electronic and not physically all over the place because I think Mike would kill me.

When we moved a couple of months ago I remember tossing the file cabinet as it turned into a Magazine holder and we got rid of one old dresser and replaced it with 2 from IKEA.