Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gitt'r Done!

Hello all! I was hoping to come to you tonight with a finished bathroom to show off- all sparkly and clean and new. But alas- there is still more to be done. I had set a limit on how much I wanted to spend on the remodel and we reached that limit on Saturday. So it was time to take on the finishing touches myself. Sunday I spent part of the day grouting tile and painting.

And last night as I sat on the floor of my bedroom trying to cut baseboards with a mitre box instead of a mitre saw (I really want one of those!! So Bad!) I wondered if it would have been worth paying the extra money to have these things done so I wouldn't have to be up past my bedtime covered in saw dust.  

But just as I was starting to despair the inside corner that I had cut for the baseboards actually fit together; my measurements were in fact accurate! I swell of pride and accomplishment was such a good feeling that I remembered why I decided to take on the rest myself. I love working on things with my hands and seeing a final result. I'll be able to say that I worked on a part of this bathroom no matter how small.

So with those thoughts in mind I leave you with a short post with the promise of a finished bathroom to be seen soon; to go and finish cutting the crown molding. Wish my luck, I'm going to need it!


Little City Farm said...

Good for you. Mitering trim is on my list of things to learn how to do. Now I know who to call. :)

Polka said...

wow pretty cool that you have done it by yourself :) cannot wait to see the finished product


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Awesome. Following you.