Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HGTV Design Star

Have you been watching this season's HGTV Design Star? I have, I've always liked it because the crazy challenge schedule and design critiques remind me of my college design school years. I've had to get used to the new Monday time slot and have missed a few episodes along the way.

I must admit that I miss Clive as the host. He had witty comments and thought he did well in the role. I do like the addition of David. I like his show Color Splash and think it's nice to have someone who's been through the whole Design Star process helping the contestants out.

What do you think about the contestants? There's no one really jumping out at me as a favorite. Maybe it's because in most of the challenges they have been paired up and we haven't really seen anyone's true design style yet. Or maybe it's because they're all getting along pretty well. 

In the past it seemed like you could spot the few who would be in the final 3 or 4. Maybe because they had a strong opinion about each design, or that they created something awesome each time around.

So far my favorites have been Kellie. She's a mom like me, she from Oklahoma my new state, and she has a nice style.

I like Mark too, I keep waiting for him to do something cool and hip.

Cathy seems to be the one butting heads with the most people so far. In the past 2 challenges she seemed to make her partners upset. And I don't know what the deal was with all the food she put in the kitchen last night.

 Kevin always seems to have big ideas that sound good, but it seems like he has trouble executing them. He's been at the bottom a few times so I'm getting worried for him.

Meg seems to be coming into her own and getting into the swing of things. The last two challenges have been good for her. She had me worried with the White Room Challenge, yikes.

I try to understand where the contestants are coming from. It must be hard to come up with totally unique and fabulous ideas in such a short time frame. I often wonder if I would be able to do it myself.

What about you? Do you have a favorite contestant yet? Do you dream about being on Design Star?


mary said...

I'm still trying to figure out my favorite and sometimes feel like the challenge constraints keep us from seeing how good the designers are. Also, I'm with you on missing Clive. I really find the new host particularly annoying to watch. Which I feel bad about saying.

Ange said...

I've only been able to watch the first two episodes so far but Kellie is my favorite too! This is the first time I've watched Design Star, we don't have cable and I never knew it was available on HGTV.com.

Maria said...

I love this show. My favorites are Mark, Karl and Leslie. Mark always seem to have elements that are really good and the comic ending to his kitchen video was awesome. Karl has done some great wall art/murals. Leslie has grown on me and is consistently creative. I think these three have the most potential - bearing in mind that the winner has their own tv show, so they have to be personable and interesting on screen.

Personally, I can't get past Cathy's pompous and egotistical personality. She cannot work with anyone without having a problem, which she is the cause of. Every time she takes over the the design, whether it's doing ALL the furniture purchases or ALL the kitchen accessories. She doesn't allow much (if any)input from her co-designers. She might be a good designers but comes across as arrogant. I would never want to watch a show with her as host.

Terri said...

I was going to leave my own opinions but turns out they match Maria's almost verbatim so...what she said! ha ha ha

Candy said...

I completely forgot about Clive as the host! The new chick is OK, but kind of boring. Love that David Bromstad is there this year.

I agree that there aren't any contestants to get excited about. Kellie is probably my favorite and the one I would most likely watch. I like Meg too, but her voice bugs me. Petty I know! I love Emily Henderson and her show, but her voice is a bit annoying too. I've noticed they have someone else doing the voice overs this season!