Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sight Seeing in Seattle

Hello all! Hope everyone is doing well in these last few weeks before school starts again. We got back from out Washington Trip this past weekend. I'm am still incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go there. We were told that we scored the last available Space-A spots on the plane. This is one perk of being a military family I'll have to take advantage of more often!

Before you get to green with envy this is the type of plane we flew on:

It was a cool experience, but notice that there are no windows on the plane? That was interesting. And there were no real seats either- we sat on nylon slings that ran along the walls on the plane. And the cabin wasn't pressurized, so once we got to cruising altitiude it got really cold! But beggars can't be choosers and it was neat to be able to take Con-Man to see the cockpit and talk with all the guys working on the plane.

We were fortunate enough to know some friends in Seattle so we stayed with them and they showed us all the sights. First stop was the famous fish market downtown.

We also walked by the original Starbucks. I wanted to go inside and get some coffee but the line was a mile long. 

Space Needle!

I wanted to go to the Frank Gehry Experience Music Project Museum, mainly to just look at the building; but we didn't have time. We did drive by though.


We got out of the city for a few days and visited Washington Wine Country.

And we spent a night at Mount Rainier. We rented a small cabin and showed Con-Man some cool sights. The only bummer was that it was really cloudy both days we were there and we didn't get good pics of the mountain.

Our cabin looked small and shack- like from the outside but it was nice inside! The perfect size for the 3 of us.

We made a fire! Go us!

Using what Mother Nature gave us.

There was even snow!

We ended a our trip with a Seattle Mariners game. So fun!

And here's a little sneak peek of what I'm working on now:

Ohh!! What is it?!?!


Catherine said...

That looked like a fun trip. I've never been up there but after hearing about Mikki's trip and seeing your pictures it might be a place to add on my vacation list.