Friday, October 21, 2011

Tailgate Time!

Sorry- no crafty projects or furniture re-dos today. We're on our way back home to Louisiana for some family, friends, and football fun!

We're going to the LSU/Auburn game Saturday. I'm so excited because we're getting together with a bunch of our friends for a huge tailgate. Here are some pics from the past ones we've had:

And we're even going to New Orleans for the Saints/ Colts game on Sunday! The last game we went to was a few years ago. (Hopefully this year I can take a pic without crazy hair)

Some of our friends from Virginia are coming down to meet us for the weekend as well. We're super excited! 

I hope everyone has a fun safe weekend!


Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

NOOOOO...not LSU.... I guess I'ma have to unfollow you now...(J/K)

I'm an Ole Miss Rebel...sort of...I cheer for UVA most of the time now since that's where my husband went and we live in VA!

Scarlett859 said...