Saturday, October 1, 2011

Showing Some Love to Pallets

I don't know if people are tired of seeing projects made of pallets but I certainly am not. I'm not sure if its the natural patina of the wood, the linear structure, or just the fact that you can find these things for free that really draws me to them. There seems to be newer and cooler ideas of what to do with old pallets everyday! 

I guess I'll start off with the queen of pallets; Donna from Funky Junk Interiors. Have you seen all the stuff she's made with pallets? Here's her famous pallet desk:

Donna has made tons of other cool stuff with pallets. She even has a post on how to find and use pallets.

After you read that you'll be ready to scavenge out and get some pallets of your own. Here are some more palle-riffic ideas:

A Spice Rack:

A lounge-y Pallet Sofa:

Office furniture made from pallets:

A Book Carosel: (An Industrial Spool, technically not a pallet but it's cool)

Outdoor Hanging Garden:

Outdoor Lounge Chairs:

And what I'm hoping to make using pallets- A formal dining table!

I can build the frame out of steel with my welder, find me some pallet wood, and bam! Awesome dining table! 

The weather is getting cooler so it will be nicer to be outside welding. My hope is to get this started and finished before Thanksgiving. We shall see if that actually happens.

What are your thoughts on pallets? Love em? Hate em? Sick of seeing them everywhere?

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outjunking said...

These pallets look so elegant. They must spend a lot sanding time on these. But oh they are worth it.

Nicole @ Post Grad said...

Love these pallet projects! I'm also planning on making my dining table out of pallet wood and using this tutorial to make the base out of black piping: Hope it works! I'll share it as soon as it's finished. First I have the tackle the first hurdle - how in the heck do I transport a pallet?? haha Hoping I can manage to fit one in the trunk of my car with a little help from some rope. Are they really heavy? I work near an industrial park and drive past piles of them stacked by dumpsters everyday. Waste not, want not!