Friday, February 24, 2012

Feature Friday: Awesome Projects Round Up

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Sorry this post is a little late getting out the door. Yesterday I had one of those pregnancy days where I was so exhausted at the end of the day I called it a night pretty early. I've been still doing things with the same intensity I did in my pre-preggo days. Like yesterday I went running, spent a few hours in the wood shop (Con-Man's Bed is almost done!), ran around with Con-Man at the park, went to the grocery, cooked dinner, ect. All things that wouldn't have made me tired before; but at 19 weeks along, my body was telling me to take it easy sister. 

So anyway- sorry for the late post. Here are some cool projects that caught me eye from around blog land this week:

Check out this amazing bathroom makeover from It All Started With Paint:

Wow wee!

You need to head over to Design OCD and see what this vanity used to look like:

What a clever idea!

Look at this CUTE coat rack from Garden Therapy!!!


This technically isn't a "project" or "DIY" but my pregnant brain just had to share it. 

Thin Mint Cookie Balls from Simple Designing!! I am running down the street right now and knocking on the Girl Scout who lives in our neighborhood's door.


I also wanted to remind everyone (and I'm sure you all know already) that GFC for non-Blogger supported blogs is going away soon. I've added the Linky Follower tool to my page if you would still like to follow me that way.

I've also started using Bloglovin' to follow all my favorite blogs. I think the reader is easer to view than Linky Tools. I've been able to find all the blogs I follow on it, just search for the one you want and click follow! And-- you don't have to manually update your own blog- it does it for you. Double Yay!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for reading!


Ange said...

Great features! Glad you are listening to your body and slowing it up a bit. I always hated feeling so restricted during pregnancy, why do I need rest? Because you are growing a human! Ha! Have a great weekend!