Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White: Working With It

I know I've blogged about this before; how I like the color white in the home but am not sure how well it would work out in my own personal home. 

There is something about it that I like though- I guess that's why I keep coming back to it. The crispness, how clean it looks, how everything else pops off of it. And the cool thing about it is that you can go with any interior style with an all white room- go super modern, go for a cottage look, minimalist, ect.

If your thinking of going with white in a space here are some things to think about:

You either go all white or go home. The look your going for won't have the same impact if you only use white sparingly. You need to do the walls, ceiling, trim everything!

White walls are great for showcasing an art collection, or if you have another bold color you want to use in the room. White walls will make your artwork or accent color pop better than any other color.


White rooms aren't neccessarily cozy but they can be calming. Since they are usually minimally decorated there is something serene about them. So if your going for a calm feel fight the urge to over accessorize.

Nothing looks nicer than natural wood and bright white. I love this combo! There's something organic and earthy about it.

So, debate in my head goes something like this-

Should I paint a room white in our home to see how I like it? Would it even have the same impact as these rooms do? We are in a rental home so it's not like we can change the carpet or flooring...

Am I even sophisticated enough to handle a white room? Can I pull it off?

In any case I probably won't be busting out the Benjamin Moore Super White any time soon. With another baby on the way there's a lot of other things to think about- like finishing his nursery and planning Con-Man's birthday party.

What are your thoughts on white rooms? Love 'em or leave 'em?


Peggy said...

I personally love white rooms especially as my paint color but oddly enough I have exactly 2 white rooms in my house currently. The 1/2 bath and spare room in our addition. It comes down to the fact that my husband loves colored walls.... but our bedroom will soon be graced with either white walls or a beautiful pale gray. And yes in the past we have had white walls... my style is kind of an eclectic cottage so it usually works well. For the record, I think you could totally pull off a white room with your sense of style! It would end up looking very chic!

Have a wonderful day!

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

I usually dont love white walls, but I've been leaning toward doing them in my living room since the ceilings are so high.

ShirleyRunner said...

I think that if I really new how to decorate a white room I would go for it. Maybe when the day comes that I can have my dream home and kids are older I would give it a try.

Hena Tayeb said...

I love a great white room.. but with kids it is just so difficult to keep a non white room clean I don't know how I would ever manage white. It is exactly what it looks and feels like.. a dream. Not reality. Yay on the baby.. can't wait to get a peak inside the nursery..and good luck with the birthday planing.

Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

Hi Rachelle, thanks for your comment on my blog! Nice to see you! I LOVE white! Not sure I could do an all-white room as it is a bit too contemporary for me. In working on our house, I'm making all trim white (from brown stained) and 2 rooms have split white: white above chair rail and color below. I find it crisp, calming and sophisticated (not that I am!). You can see one room here: I'll be posting pics soon of the other room. Talk soon! Nan