Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sofa in Front of a Window?

Good Morning All! I hope everyone had a good MLK Day. We spent the day in OKC taking Con-Man to the Science Museum, eating a real resturants and overall relaxing; hence this day late blog post.

Before we left town I was helping a friend with furniture layout ideas for a new house they are moving into. Mainly the living and bedrooms. In her bedroom she was hoping to put the bed in front of the window, but was worried that it would look weird or that there was some rule against it. I told her no fear! Lots of people put their bed in front of a window and have it look good- check out this post I did a while back on placing a bed in front of a window.

Our main task of the day was figuring out the living room layout. It ended up being that putting their long sofa in front of the window was the best seating arrangement for flow and conversation. Again my friend was about worried how it would look. So once again I took to the internet to show her that you can do it and have it look great!

Window treatments framing the sofa make for a great backdrop. 

I love how these people utilized this nook in front of the window and placed their sofa there. And I like the simplicity of the Roman Shades.

What If you have a fabulous window with a great view how about no window treatments at all? The view becomes like artwork.

Usually things being off center really stand out and nag me- but these two installations work and look great. I think its the vertical art in the first picture and the large chest of drawers creating balance in the second picture.

So next time your thinking you can only put you sofa or bed on a windowless wall think again!


Unknown said...

Great point. Thanks for the information. There are sofas that are really sensitive to heat but if you place them to windows that aren't hit by the extensive heat, I think it would be fine, but if that isn't possible, I think you should get window shades for your home.

Never Listless Laura said...

Looks great!