Friday, February 22, 2013

Academy Inspiration!

Anyone getting excited for the Academy Awards this weekend? I am! A friend is having an Academy Party on Sunday.  Glamorous!!

So in celebration of Mr. Oscar; here is some black and gold eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

Are you watching the Academy Awards this weekend? Do you celebrate in any way? Who are you hoping to win?!


Julia Travchenko said...

I am going to watch Oscars this Sunday, but unfortunately won't celebrate in any way, because I live in Europe and it will be late at night here. Also almost everyone will need to go to work on Monday. So, there will be just me, already in bed trying to not fall asleep :) How are you going to celebrate?


Courtney said...

I'm loving a bit of gold at the moment! And I always love black...feeling inspired now, pity I'm just going to bed!
Oscars will be on when I'm asleep, I do like looking at the hairstyles though so will have a look on tv tomorrow I'd say!