Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vintage Window Picture Frame

I was going to title this post:

"Lets see how many holes I can punch into the wall of my rental home."

But decided that was to long. (Just kidding Landlord I'm going to patch any and all these holes!) I had just hung our family photo wall not to long ago and I'm already changing it up.

Remember last week I shared this photo of the scrap wood I found?

Well I also found this awesome old window. I couldn't believe someone had thrown it out until I got home and took a closer look at it. The glass was broken and the frame was pretty weak structurally.

So I couldn't use Mr. Window for a table top or anything like that- my next option was a picture frame. I liked the grey color so I left it as is. Then I set to work busting out the rest of the glass. (Please be careful and wear protective glasses and gloves if you are going to work with glass!)

After all the glass was out I was left with a pretty splintered and rickety frame. 

After some sanding, gobs of wood glue in all the right places, and some mending plates screwed into the corners I was good to go.

 Mending Plate

Then I added some eye screws and picture wire:

I bought some clips at Walmart and it was picture hanging time!

Check it out on our wall!