Monday, April 29, 2013

IIDA Color & Couture Fashion Show

For the past few weeks I've been working on another sort of secret project. It's not really a secret but I didn't want to talk to much about it since what I was working on was part of a competition. Every year the Oklahoma Chapter of IIDA (International Interior Design Association) has their Color & Couture Fashion Show to raise money for scholarships. I thought it would be fun to participate and joined a team of other designers. 

Each team is given material usually used in interiors and a color pallet to work off of and then must create a couture fashion item to be worn on the runway. We were given 3-Form, but some people got carpet, tile, fabric, ect. 3-Form is an awesome company that makes all sort of resins in different colors and textures. It can be used as counter tops, wall partitions, lighting, ect. And if your wondering how the heck we made e a couture fashion item out of resin, let me tell you it was a challenge. Luckily the other ladies on my team were creative and resourceful. 

Working off our color pallet- the main color was supposed to be the beige with the other colors as accents:

From my Instagram

And utilizing the 3Form products Chroma and Paramtre:

We came up with this sketch:

We created the bodice by heating the resin pieces in the oven then forming them. The Parametre was easier to work with, we simply cut it to size then sewed some Velcro on as a closure. This was easier said than done. I was in charge of sewing it and it was a pain to work with!

(Notice the Sesame Street place mat?)

And after all was said and done this is our final product!

It's a little different than the original design but that happens sometimes and the central idea is still the same. I'm hoping to get some more pics of the actual runway show later this week.

This was a fun opportunity to work with some talented ladies and raise money for a good cause!


Mally said...

That is an interesting concept. Love the colors. It doesn't sound like it would have been easy to sew. Your model looks great and I would love to see more pictures also. Great job Rachelle.