Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Master Bedroom Progress

I've had 5 million things going on (Well more like 4 but it feels like 5 Million). One of them, the marathon, is over with. But the other 3 I'm still working on and am dying to to share with you- it's just not the right time yet. 

For now you'll have to settle for some photo updates of our Master Bedroom. I made up my mind that I'm not going to procrastinate and let this room sit unfinished like I do with so many other rooms in our house. So here are some before shots just to remind you where we started:


Kind of blah and boring. You can read more about what my thoughts and plans are for the bedroom in this post here.

I've already made progress which you can see here where I hung some wall panel art and made a new TV console.

Now I've finally made the change to our bedroom linens. I've talked about how I like the look of white in a home but have been afraid to use it because we have young children and I don't feel like washing slipcovers all the time. So I thought I would take the leap and go for a white duvet and curtains in our bedroom. I bought both the curtains and duvet set at good ole' Ikea.

(Not sure why but the lighting turned out really yellow in these pics...maybe because it was overcast?)

You may have also spotted my retro light I fixed up a few weeks ago. It's so cool when it's all lit up! I like how the vintage look of the light plays off the modern pattern of the wallcovering.

And I'm trying out a new side table I rigged up. I used the other marble top I had and placed it on top of a large planter I found a Ross. Not sure if it will stay in the room or not. I also switched out the lamp shade; the old one was a little to traditional feeling for me.

The last big project is making the headboard- which I have started but have been procrastinating about finishing. Then maybe some throw pillows for the bed and some other accessories. 


Feral Turtle said...

Your bedroom is awesome. Love your panel art.

Mally said...

Looking very nice. Love that hanging lamp. It came our very nice and looks great. The panel art paper is very pretty and bright.

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Love the panel art! That is awesome! I really want to make the leap to white bedding too!