Monday, September 9, 2013

No Rest for the Wicked~

Usually I try to have a makeover of DIY project to share on Mondays but I have gotten way behind on projects lately. Probably because I've taken on a little to much as of late...

Today while both kids were in school/ MDO I tried to play catch up:

That would be the 3 wood projects I was working on today. The moon is a photography prop for a friend. I need to get it finished so she can start using it for her newborn shoots.

The wood slats in the foreground will hopefully be a modern hang-all in the near future, and the wood slats in the background are some more of my gym floor table top. Which now looks like this after the work I put into it today--

And since I just scored this off the classified page, (since we don't have a Craigslist this is what our town uses to sell stuff) cutting the slab down will be easy. 

I talked them down to $30! Because the AF Base Wood Shop closed down (thanks a lot furlough!) I was in need of some tools of my own. I'm excited to try it out!

I've had some recent acquisitions as well! I had been drooling over this gorgeous blue chair for a few weeks now. 

I saw it in the window of one our local vintage shops and have been debating on buying it. I of course don't need another chair but it was perfect for our bedroom! I finally caved and bought it. It's in perfect condition, soft blue velvet and I love it!! And for $55 I thought it was a pretty decent deal.

I also bought this little table, also from our classifieds page for $5. 

As if I need any more projects to take on... This guy will get a sand and repaint job, then hopefully resell.

And if that wasn't enough I've still been at work behind the scenes on my Retail Shop Design.

And I'm super excited to be helping a friend who is expecting Boy/ Girl Twins design their nursery! Her idea is to bring in accessories from her world travels, she is not afraid of color, and there are going to be lots of fun DIY's. I can't wait to start pulling all our ideas together.

So is that enough to have on one's plate?


Marian Frizzell said...

This friend appreciates you lovingly allowing me to take up your time. :)

Feral Turtle said...

I love the prop moon! Awesome. You've been busy shopping. Some great finds Rachelle! I am so excited for your tablesaw. Make sure you have a good fence and be so careful! It's one of my most prized tools and I am sure it will become one of yours too! Your friends are very lucky!!