Monday, October 21, 2013

Antique Ceiling Tin Table

One of the things I am loving about having a space to sell my creations is that if I see a piece of furniture I can save I don't have to justify it by finding a place for it in our home. Or convincing the Hubs that we do need another chair, or table, or side board. (Our house is getting pretty full...) And I can design the piece the way it speaks to me- I don't have to make it fit to my decor.

This table for instance:

It was a throw away because the top tier was broken and gone. The top for the bottom table (faux leather) was warped and worn. I can see why the people tossed it. But something about it spoke to me and I knew I could make it new again.

I started by removing the broken top piece and taking off the faux leather top. Then sanded and cleaned it really well. The legs needed some tightening but that was it. I gave it a dark under coat of paint and then would later give it several coats of yellow chalk paint.

My vision came together with this piece of antique tin I picked up a long time ago to make these picture frames with. The edges of the remnants were in bad shape but the center decorative part was good to go.

I cut a piece to fit the table top with my Dremel SawMax (loving it!!!). Ordered a piece of glass to fit and.....

All done!! This table received the royal treatment complete makeover!! Distressing in a few areas added character. I really like the mix of rusty metal and fresh paint.

I really love how it turned it and was almost tempted to keep it for myself- but as I said before I really don't have anywhere to put it. Anyone else have trouble parting with their creations? Or am I just too sentimental?