Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Few Upholstery Before and Afters

Since I have been trying to get through with projects quickly lately to put them in the shop I have been forgetting to take a lot of process pictures- sorry to anyone who enjoys those! First up I wanted to share a chair I found and Craigslist and had high hopes for:

The fabric was blue and had a very office-y feel to to. I was in love with the chrome frame and curved back. I knew with the right fabric it would be a gem! So I set to work tearing the fabric off and stapling the new.

The bottom went on like a dream, I was ready to keep this chair for myself! I was envision modern glam all over the place.

But the back... well that did not go so well. The arch was such a pain! I could not get the fabric to lay straight no matter how hard I tried, how many different strategies I worked through, or how many times I redid it.

(The picture I sent my mom while half crying over it)

In the end this is how it turned out:


I've debated for a long time whether to try and sell it or not. I don't know if anyone would want a chair with the fabric crinkled like that. Just today I brought it over just to see how it would do. Time shall tell!

Another little makeover I completed was this little lockbox I bought for $2:

I liked it because it had handles and hinges that gave it some character. But sorry Asia; your fancy artwork had to go. I sanded everything down and gave it a new coat of white paint. Then added a set wheels I bought for $1, cut a new top for it and upholstered it with some leftover fabric from my dining chairs.

Terrible IPhone Picture but nonetheless-- Voila!! Upholstered Storage Ottoman! I also ended up sanding the paint down some more to show the character of the wood.  I think it turned out cute!

Have you ever had a project go awry? Do you sometimes think your simplest projects are some of your best?


Mally said...

This is very cute. I like the cushion top. What a great save for $2. Very nice.

Trish said...

Why not work with the wrinkles and shir (sp?) the back. Make the tube twice as long and scrunch it up. Does that make sense?

Courtney said...

Well you have been busy! Your space will be full, but not for long though ;-) these will be snapped up for sure!
And things go wrong over here all the time, especially when it involves me and a sewing machine!'s how we learn :-)