Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Non-Traditional Christmas Decor

This weekend was our towns' Downtown Christmas Open House. It's a big deal- all the little shops downtown are open on Sunday for shopping. So since I am new to the scene (I have a booth where I sell my goods in one of the shops) I had to decorate my space for the occasion. 

I wanted to do something Christmas-y but not the usual evergreen, ornaments, gift wrap affair. I racked my brain some and came up with an idea- coffee filters! Cheap, disposable, and customizable. 

I dyed some them different shades of blue; light and dark, and left some white.

I strung them in long strands using fishing wire and cut plastic straws to separate them. (FInd a full tutorial here)

It took a long time but was easy to do. I strung a few each night and was soon finished. The hardest part was getting them in my car without crushing them!

I hung them from a branch and strung twinkle lights behind them for added flair.

I also added a few metallic cup cake  liners for added sparkle. I think it looks like wintery icicles. :)

Till next time friends!


the cape on the corner said...

I like this, I think it would be great for Chanukah! how'd you make out selling?

Courtney said...

Very cute and I bet it ended up being quite a few hours work in there!!