Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Opinion Por Vor Vour??

So a few weeks ago I scored these awesome Mid Century Chairs for free! Jeah!!! (Anyone else watched that show- totally guilty pleasure)

I love the back of them- something I would love to have in my own home. You know, if I didn't already have an over abundance of chairs and a booth in a furniture shop to keep full. They are missing the seats but that's an easy fix.

Anyway- my problem is this:

I'm not sure how to revamp them? My first thought was go bold! I have some bronze Modern Masters Paint I think would look really cool with these. But I didn't want them to be too crazy since I am reselling them. So I have some extra fabric on hand I thought would go well with the bronze:

But... is the fabric to traditional for the chairs? I like mixing it up but I'm afraid this might be a bad mix up.

Would the chairs be better with a simpler more modern fabric pattern? Should I still go for a metallic frame? I LURVE these chairs and don't want to screw them up. I find it hard to choose a design path when I don't know my end client.

Should I just go with my gut and do something I would like (Not necessarily the option above...)

Any advice is much appreciated!

And in closing- a picture of a cute baby :)

Stay warm everyone!!


the cape on the corner said...

oh man, I loooove the backs on these chairs. if it was me buying them, I'd want them in their wood color, not painted. and I think a modern graphic would be best for the chairs. good luck!

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

I love the chairs, but I'm with you, the fabric needs to more modern! Maybe something geometric?

And a picture of a cute baby is always a great way to close! ;)

Mally said...

Love these chairs. I like the retro look of them.