Monday, February 17, 2014

Pink Bathroom Plans

I know this can be a hotly debated subject- whether to rip out a dated 40's, 50's, 60's bathroom or not. There is a whole website devoted to Saving Pink Bathrooms for goodness sake! Are we losing a part of our design history that we will one day regret? Will there be future Nicole Curtis's trying to bring these 50's bathrooms back to their former glory?

Who's to say? I for one am not sure. And I am a big proponent of keeping things in their original state in homes. But I also understand homeowner's need to make their space functional for their needs.

Case in point- my whole reason for the above musings. My friend's current pink bathroom:

She lives here with her husband and son and this is the only bathroom in the house. Their whole house used to be this color! Pink walls, pink carpet, pink countertops and cabinets in the kitchen. It was like living inside a Pepto bottle. 

She has since ripped out the carpet to reveal beautiful hardwood floors underneath. They have updated the kitchen to a current design style. The last on their list is the bathroom. They want to update the bathroom to make it more user friendly for their family and market ready for when they sell in a few years. 

 Huge pink tub!

All feelings of nostalgia aside how can you argue? Three people sharing 1 sink and 1 tub everyday would get old after a while. The space is there for more- she just needed help laying it out.

Which is where I come in! Here is the current bathroom layout:

Option 1 involved trying to fit all her requests in the space- jacuzzi tub, frameless shower, double sink and storage.

Everything that she wanted fits but it's super tight. The room is narrower than it appears. And just because you can make something seem to work doesn't mean it's the best option.

Enter Option 2: Jacuzzi Tub/ Shower Combo, double sink, and possible storage above and beside the toilet.

Though we don't get the frameless shower we do get extra space. Three people will be able to move around in here more easily than Option 1. And we discussed an antique claw foot tub with shower option as well.

My friend is still deciding between both options- I can't wait to see which direction she goes with.

Do you have strong feelings about original bathroom design? Or do you opt for modern convenience?


Mally said...

This will be a great undertaking. Can't wait to see the results. Good luck. Reminds me of my grandmothers bathroom.

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Interested to see which option she goes with! Keep us updated! :)