Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exterior Paint Selection for Modern Home

One of the things I love most about Interior Design is the variety of work that comes my way. Every job is a little different and my title encompasses quite a bit. And, Interior Designers don't have to only stick with the interior as far as work goes. Case in point a recent client project I was lucky to work on- choosing exterior paint colors for a new construction home in Australia. 

The wanted something with a little color and wanted to incorporate natural wood elements if possible. The roofing, garage door and gutter colors, and brick were already chosen. I gave  them a few options to choose from:

Some people assume that choosing several colors for your home's exterior will cost more than painting it only one color. This is not necessarily the case- unless your house is a "Painted Lady" adding a few more colors to the mix will not break your budget.

In choosing exterior colors I like to start with the parts of the home that are more permanent; like the roofing, brick, siding, ect. These are the big ticket items that  cost the most and are not easy to change. Going with neutral colors that blend together for these big ticket items is a good way to go.

Once you have those picked out you can then choose a color scheme to go with them. It helps to blend with your neighborhood as well. You don't have to copy your neighbor's house but you don't want to be sticking out like a sore thumb either. You can add a few of your own personal touches and still go with the flow of the neighborhood.

Take advantage of any architectural details- highlight them with an accent color. Accent colors are also nice around the entryway to "welcome" you guest. Window frames are also a good spot to add a little color or contrast.

And ALWAYS take your paint chips outside to make your decision. Color looks much different in florescent or incandescent lighting that it would outdoors.

Just remember it's your house so ultimately it is your decision so do what you love!


Feral Turtle said...

So true. I recently picked up a gallon of oops paint for ten bucks. I had to take it outside before I bought it as I wasn't sure what the color was. For the life of me can not come up with a kitchen color that I am comfortable with. I am hoping that one day I will find the right one in the oops section of the paint store! That way I didn't have to spend fifty bucks for my mistake, I can spend ten for someone elses!
BTW, I love the color schemes you came up with. My pick is number one!