Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Modern Farmhouse Design

So it's been a while right? Summer was happening- no time for blogging. I took the kiddos home to Louisiana for a few weeks, we went to OKC, and did some other fun summer stuff. And my Big Boy Con-Man started Kindergarten last week!!! OMG how did he get so big?! More on that later-

For now I am excited to share a farmhouse design I completed for a client who is buying land in Pennsylvania. They hired me to design a garage apartment. Their desire was to build an apartment they and their two girls would live in until their final dream home would be designed and built. They wanted the apartment have the same look as the home they would one day build- so it's a pretty awesome garage apartment. 

It's complete with 2 bedrooms, playroom, living and kitchen area, and dining room. The exterior has dormer windows, a pergola, and cupola complete with weather vein! Not to shabby for a garage-

I was also excited to be able to use SketchUp to render a 3D of the home. I have used SketchUp in the past but am trying to further my skills and this client was willing to let me go the extra mile for them. So grateful!

Pretty cool right!? 

Right now the couple is still looking for the perfect plot of land - hoping they are able to complete their dream home (and garage) soon!