Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sophisticated Boys Bedroom Design

Recently I was contacted by a mother who was needing help designing her 12 year old son's room. He plays the saxophone and is into theater and art and has an extensive hat collection. She knew he wouldn't be into the usual sports themed rooms we so often see. She asked him what he wanted his room to look like and she got the usual "I don't know...." (Haven't all us parents heard this one before?) She showed him pictures of room designs to see if he liked any of them but he was still non-commital. 

The only thing he said he liked was this picture of Charlie Chaplain-

So she came to me for help. We knew he needed a new bed, desk, bookshelf, rug, and something that would make his room stand out.

Here is the mood board I came up with that they both loved:

I also worked up a 3D scheme to show them a one of a kind wooden slat wall that would serve as the focal point of the room:

I tried to find furniture pieces that were young and fresh; that he could continue to grow with. 

The fabrics and finishes are young feeling and prefect for a pre-teen to grow up with:

The art work and accessories finish off the look: