Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Drafting Tables Many Uses

First I just want to say a huge Thank You! to Cassity at Remodelaholic for featuring my DIY Curtain Rods and Kaysi at Keeping it Simple for featuring my Doggie Bookcase. Thanks Ladies- you're awesome!

I'll always have a nostalgic place in my heart for drafting tables. I sat many years in front of one in design school. 

(That'sme in the background!)

Sitting on a rickety stool with my laptop and sketch paper in front of me, I hadn't thought much about them since I left. And I never thought I had a use for one in my house.

Until I saw this picture on Apartment Therapy.

Now I'm having some thoughts (which is dangerous). Do I need a drafting table- no. But how elegant is that? I love it!! I've seen drafting tables for sale on Craigslist periodically and didn't think much about it.


I had seen this one for sale and considered buying it just for the wood top, thinking I might use it for a table top. But the dimensions aren't quite right. And I thought the price was a little high, especially since I just wanted the top.

I really don't have a need or space for a serving table like the first one is used for, but maybe one day I will. Or maybe I'll have a larger kitchen that will need an island and I can use one with a piece of granite on top. Ya! One day...

Plus I don't think the Hubs will be to happy with me if I bring home more furniture since I brought home some this weekend (pics to come!).

In other news I finished the San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon today! Hooray!

I've been training hard for it the last few weeks, thus the lack of projects. I'm hoping to get back on the ball soon. Until then- Rock on!


Mally said...

This doesn't look like any drafting table I ever used. Mine were all made of really ugly wood. This one is sleek and pretty. I would love one of these too.

Serena said...

Congrats on the run! I completed the Virginia Beach Rock n' Roll Half Marathon on Sept 5th! Amazing experience!