Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Easy Upgrade: Reupholster Chairs

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to update furniture around your house, reupholstering chair cushions is one of them. It's inexpensive and makes a big difference in your room. You can redo the chairs you already have or pick one up at a thrift store or garage sale.

This is a pair I did back in high school.

I wish I had before pictures because they were pretty hideous. I bought one at a thrift store for $5 and the other at a garage sale for $2. I reupholstered them in matching fabric, spray painted the frames, and they are good as new!

And here one of my fabulous followers; MalPal, shares a step by step on how you can do this yourself!

Hello Rachelle,
Looking through your site the other day inspired me to try and re-furbish an old chair myself. I found this chair at a garage sale for just $3.00.   It was pretty ugly but I knew it had potential. 

I sanded it really good then bought 2 cans of Kroylon Brown Leather spray paint from WalMart and some aqua and gold upholstery fabric from the fabric store.   The chair cushion was made of foam and not in the best of shape.  I bought some Quilt-Light Batting to wrap around the foam to make it softer around the edges.  

Then stapled the batting and fabric all around.  Then finished it off by trimming the fabric and reattaching the cushion

I love the way it came out.   

My husbands jaw dropped when he saw it.   He actually thought I was crazy when I came home with it.   So for around $20.00 I have a great new chair.  Thanks for all your inspiration.  

Wow! Great transformation! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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