Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Card Holders

I know I know, it's a little early to be talking Christmas but when I saw this idea I had to share. I was checking out Apartment Therapy (as usual) and saw a post on Holiday Card Holders. I thought this one with the frame is a great idea!

I usually pile all my cards in a bowl on the dining table, but why not display them for all to see in all their Christmas Card Glory? There are so many great ones and it's a shame that they get thrown into a bowl all hidden away.

So I'm going to go through any old frames I have lying around and see what I can come up with.

Also- check out this other post from Apartment Therapy. It's about furniture made from reclaimed wood! Look at these:

Don't they look familiar? They're the coffee tables I want to make! So it's official. I'm going to the steel yard in the next few weeks and buy my materials. It's going to be a Christmas present to me!


Roeshel said...

Love the card display! So cute!

I LOVE furniture from reclaimed wood. (Our new dining table is made from reclaimed barnwood). I can't wait to see your creativity - I know it's going to be awesome!


Anitra Cameron said...

That card display idea is Great! also gives me an idea for displaying earrings!