Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Little Apprentice

With our move to Oklahoma, change seems inevitable. We'll be in a new house, new neighborhood, whole new city and state! One thing I am not planning on changing is my "projects" as my husband calls them. I'm hoping to have more time to do more of them! And it also got me reflecting on past projects and the help I've received with them.

I try to do most of my projects at night after Con-Man goes to bed. This way I have more time to focus on him and plus it's hard to get stuff done sometimes with a 2 year old hanging off you. But sometimes I needed to get started on things while he was still awake, and I'm beginning to worry- 

What am I teaching my son?

That it's ok to tear apart furniture? He was all about "helping" me pull out the staples when I recovered our dining chairs.

That it's always helpful to make sure your cars will still roll well on the newly slipcovered chair. He kept a careful eye out making sure I was fitting the fabric correctly.

Of course it is nice to have a helping hand when painting a room. (Not really! He was dying to copy me so I gave him a brush and an empty cup.)

Blurry picture but in my defense I took this with my IPhone while holding a paint brush, and Con-Man never sits still.

Of course like most young'ins sometimes he'd rather just sit back and relax and watch Mom do all the work; like when I was prepping my coffee table frames.

I love it when the Con-Man takes interest in what I'm doing. Hopefully he'll learn a lot about doing things on your own, be independent and will be handy around the house. What woman wouldn't love that?!

Do you encourage your children to participate in your projects? Do they enjoy seeing you work?