Friday, July 1, 2011

Our New House!

We're leaving San Antonio today. The moving van has come and gone and we are headed south to visit family in Houston and Baton Rouge before heading up to our new house Oklahoma.

Con- Man was a big help with all the packing

With all the excitement of moving, building a coffee table, fixing up the bathroom, ect. I realized that I have never showed pictures of the house we found in Altus, OK! We never actually made a trip up there to house hunt; we decided it would be best just to rent since we may only be there for 2 years.

I told the Hubs that if the Air Force is forcing us to live out in the boonies with not much to do we need a nice house to live in. Turns out housing in Altus is really inexpensive (Score 1 for living in the middle of no where!) So one morning I happened to hop online and find this beauty up for rent:

It has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a formal living and dining room and family room. I was sold and emailed and called the owner right away. Lucky I did because later on the owner would tell me that 10 other people called her later that day asking about the home (we noticed while we were house hunting that there is not a lot of housing available in Altus; so I was super excited to get this one.)

I'm picturing our giant LSU flag right here. (Gotta let people know where you're from right?)

Nice patio in the backyard. I'm trying to come up with a temporary solution to make some shade back here. I hear it gets into the 100's pretty regularly in Altus and I dont think there are any trees in the yard.

And the kitchen! Bigger than what we have now, I'm excited to have a bar counter. I'm envisioning many meals being cooked in here. Yum!!

There were a few other pictures in the ad but I wasn't sure how the current owner would feel about me posting her furniture all over the internet. So I'll give a full tour later on.

I'm excited to start decorating it and have some ideas already in mind. Since we're renting there won't be any huge renovations like the kitchen or bathroom we did in our old house, but I'm already thinking of how to use the stencil I won from Made By Girl, how to rearrange our furntiture, mentally preparing myself to reupholster those orange chairs, and wondering if I should give Con-Man's room a more big boy feel since he'll be 2 soon.

Hopefully all the uppacking will go smoothly and we'll be all settled in in no time!


junkermidge said...

Wow! What a great house! How fortunate that you were able to scoop it up before the others. Hope the move goes smoothly and you have many happy times in your new "home". :)

Lydia said...

God bless your journey.

Brandi said...

your new home is beautiful. good luck to you and your family in the next chapter of your lives.

Garry Easton said...

Oh dear, it's so lovely! The bricked wall just made it so appealing! You're lucky to have it. Con-Man, would definitely love it. And since its summer, why don't you let him play with the sprinklers on that lovely yard you have. =)

Shane Adams said...

Wow, what a nice snag! It may look like it's in the middle of nowhere, but the deal is fantastic. You don't have to deal with people nosing around a lot. By the way, how's your first month there? It seems that you guys are a having good time rearranging everything to your liking.