Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dremel Giveaway Winner & Fabulous Reader Question

Thank you everyone who entered the Dremel Win It Before You Can Buy It Multi max Giveaway! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to enter. And a big "Thank You!" to Dremel for giving everyone the opportunity to win once again.

Without further adeou the winner of the giveaway is:


Dremel Multi Max Giveaway
5th drawing held by Rachelle Falcon
Completed on Wednesday, 2 November 2011 at 12:25:18 UTC
48 entrants, 1 winner

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Amanda B said... 13
I follow Dremel on Twitter (@serenityspeaks) and Tweeted!

Congratulations Amanda! Send me your information so I can forward it to Dremel. 

Thank you again to everyone who entered.

I received a question last week about my Anthro Inspired Coffee Tables from Courtney:

"I’m actually right in the middle of my table refinishing project and would really love to hear more specific details about a couple of parts of your project; specifically:

1.        What did you actually do to add your "vintage wood style details"...I cannot tell from you closeups.

2.       I've never used the Wipe-on Poly (I hate regular poly)...does it still give you that hard clear finish kind of like a clear coat for your fingernails OR does it look in the end more like a rubbed on penetrating oil finish? I want the look of using a tung oil (or similar) but it is a kitchen table so it will likely get a lot of abuse too.

Thanks Courtney for the great questions! 

There are a lot of techniques to make new wood look old. I did a few things to get my wood to look vintage- I used the edge of my sander to get some scrapes in the wood. Usually you only want to hold the sander flat to get a smooth finish but since I wanted my wood to look a little beat up I went for it and let the corner edge scape up some areas of the wood.

Some other things I did were sort of happy accidents. I used Liquid Nails to help hold the top together and some of it seeped out of the cracks. I scraped it off with a knife which in turn left some scratches on the wood. 

Some of those small holes in the pictures are from 2 yr old Con-Man was banging on the table with his metal race car and it ended up being exactly the look I wanted. 

It's nice having an old looking table because any other scratches he makes in it just make the top look better! It was the first time I had tried to make wood look old and beat up so I just tried a few things. 

As for the stain, I used wipe on poly which leaves a very natural finish. You can't really tell it's there. I didn't want a glossy look, and since this table doesn't get a lot of use (besides my son's cars) the wipe on ploy has been working fine for me.

If your making a kitchen table I'd try something that hold up better to liquid and food. When I redid my credenza I used Minwax Clear Brushing Lacquer. It's not to shiny but seems to protect the wood really well. Of course I only used it on the drawer fronts. Yanete at 3 Sun Kissed Boys also did a table top on an old school house table which she stained and sealed. And she used a poly- water based stain. 

You asked about Tung Oil, I've never used it but from reading up on it, it seems durable and it's natural so thats an extra plus! If you did need to go the poly route a water based poly might be best. I'd reread the fine print to make sure its food safe. 

I hope this is helpful- good luck and I'd love to see pictures when your finished!

I love getting questions from readers so feel free to ask away!


Unknown said...

I know I already said it in the email but I just wanted to thank you again!! I'm so excited I won!! I love you table by the way and your blog! Such great ideas!