Friday, November 4, 2011

Scary Owl Turned Cute Chalk Board

Just a quick project this week. I wanted to do some work in the wood shop on base but due to budget cuts the hours have been cut without my knowing it. So hopefully next week I'll get in there. I have a project I've been dying to work in!

Anyway: I know owls are making a come back in decor these days, but when I saw this guy in the thrift store the other day:

I doubted anyone would be hanging him in their home any time soon. Ugh. Owls have come a long way as far as looks for the home, and this Scary Screech Owl from the 80's is proof. Yikes!

I bought it because the frame is solid wood with the plan of turning it into a chalk board. I've seen Gail at My Repurposed Life use this trick- just paint over the existing picture and make into something awesome! But my owl pic was just a poster that was glued on, and I made the mistake of trying to take it off the Masonite Board backing and it started peeling completely off.

Mr. Hoots was not a happy camper- he gave me a lot of trouble. After peeling and scraping away I finally had a clean board to work with.

After that was over with I painted the masonite board with chalk board paint, spray painted the frame and sanded it down and Voila!

Awesome vintage wood frame chalk board!

If your wondering why I've had so many chalk board and wall hanging projects lately, the reason because I've been putting a lot of them for sale in a boutique here in Altus along with some of my furniture. So if your ever in Altus, OK stop by and say "Hi!".

And on a side note "Geaux Tigers!" Huge game for us this weekend- I can't wait! The Hubs lucked out and was offered a ticket. So he's headed to Birmingham for the game while I'll head to Houston to visit my family. While I'm there I want to scout out some Architectural Salvage shops for wood for yet another project I have in mind.

The Hubs and I at the last LSU home game.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!