Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apps to Help You Get Your Design On

So I hear that Apple is announcing the new IPhone 5 today. In celebration of this I thought a round up of cool Design Apps would be appropriate. I first saw some of these here and thought I would share them with you.

1. Houzz

I've blogged about this cool site before. Now you can get the free app on your phone and have design inspiration at your fingertips! It's called the "Wikipedia of interior and exterior design" by CNN. It has the largest database of home design ideas on the web. You can search by style, room, and location and save them to a virtual idea book. I find lots of design inspiration and ideas here.

2. Cardmunch

If you're on LinkedIn this free app could be for you. It allows you to access your business cards faster and easier. You can snap a photo of a business card and this app will file it away for you. A great way to network!

3. Mark On Call: for Iphone

This App costs $2.99 but if you do a lot of measuring of rooms it might be worth it. Similar to the Magic App I blogged about a while back this App allows you to snap measurements of rooms with your phone to make sure your design will fit accordingly. Its a great space planning tool and you can email your inventory list of furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

4. Benjamin Moore Color Capture & Sherwin Williams Color Snap

Ever wonder what color that is painted on the wall of a restaurant or friends house? Both of these paint manufacturers have come up with free Apps to allow you to find out! Just take a picture of the painted wall in question and they will give you the closest color match. Pretty cool!

5. ILevel

I'm all ready to hang my picture. Oh wait! I left my level out in the garage, Ugh! Hold on- I have my Iphone with my ILevel App! With this 99 cent App you can align and hang pictures with ease. It works just like a real level. And it's not just for picture hanging either, use if for any of the following and more:

"You can use iLevel Tool for:
- Home tool, photo picture alignment
- Measure pitch or grade of a slope or mountain
- Measure the horizontality of a floor
- Measure the verticality of a wall or furniture
- Measuring the banking of a boat, aircraft, car
- Calculation of roof pitch
- And endless more possibilities... "

Looking for inspiration? Look no further than Cool Hunting. This free app for iPad will keep you up to date with trends in the design community. It provides daily updates and documentaries for your design enjoyment.

Happy Designing Everyone!!


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

These are awesome! I may have to look into getting a few of these!